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Our Strengths

One Stop Solution Provider (i.e. Diversified Variety of readily available Steel Material and ability to provide Customized Product Specifications):

  • » Variety in Base Material offering
  • » Well diversified product portfolio
  • » Customized Product Specification

We provide a one stop shop to our clientele for their customized steel product supply needs. Our company offers a variety of sizes, grades and standards of raw material which is procured from various reputed ISPs and further processed according to the customer’s specifications. We are a multi-product steel processing company with a service portfolio including Slitting, CTL and Pickling of products in various sizes and shapes. For further details, regarding the current as well as proposed size, thickness and relevant descriptions of the products we service and supply.

Our service centre facility is responsible for the processing of material as per specific technical parameters (TDC) specified by the customers, which include but are not limited to Slitting and CTL in required dimensions, Length tolerance, Butt height tolerance, Width tolerance, Shape “I” roll formed section variance and Pickled surface quality. By providing customised products we ensure zero wastage for the end user of steel and hence increase the overall efficiency of the steel supply chain. This provides us a distinctive edge over other suppliers or ISPs who sell steel in large quantities and hence lead to additional wastage at the end user’s site.

Focus on Quality and Service:

Our products adhere to high quality standards and our processing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our SSC operates in three shifts each day and hence ensures that all our products go through exhaustive R&D and rigorous inspection by trained and experienced personnel. This ensures that our products are consistently within the specification parameters which we supply as per customer specifications.

Diversified Customer base and Long-term relationship with our customers:

We have a well diversified customer base of more than 5000 regular large and medium size customers all over India. Our customers include global authorized vendors of leading corporate houses and OEMs covering more than 100 types of industry segments and sub segments such as Automobile, General & Heavy Engineering, Fabrication, Pipe & Tubes, Home Appliances, Power& Infrastructure etc.
We are also diversified on geographical basis, with focus on distinct geo strategic regions. This protects us against regional fluctuations in demand, thereby reducing the off-take risk and bringing stability to the revenues of our company.

Locational Advantages:

The existing steel service centre is located at Ballabgarh, which is situated in the Faridabad district of Haryana, approximately 5 Km from Ballabgarh& 45 km from New Delhi railway station. The location at Ballabgarh has the following

key advantages:

  • Well-developed industrial area having basic infrastructure facilities like road, transportation, power & water availability.
  • Availability of labour from nearby villages and surrounding areas
  • Availability of skilled personnel from the nearby cities
  • Availability of wagon transportation facility

Experienced and strong Management Team:

The Promoter and the Senior Management team of our Company have significant industry experience and have been instrumental in the consistent growth of our Company’s performance.


Jyoti Strips Pvt. Ltd. growth plan is overpowered by the boom being experienced by the domestic steel industry and the high rates of growth being established by the Indian economy and the major steel-consuming sectors. With the changing market scenario and increase in consumption of steel products.We shall continue to fine-tune our growth plans keeping in mind the upcoming projects in India.

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