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We plans and implements social development activities of the JYOTI STRIPS PVT. LTD. of companies. A team of social development professionals is based in Faridabad and at every location where JYOTI STRIPS PVT. LTD. has its operations and undertake community based activity in consultation with their respective managements.

JYOTI STRIPS PVT. LTD. would strive to achieve sustainable development in all spheres of life including integrated community development, promotion of arts and culture, environment protection and sports, Hospitals to provide best facilities at reasonable cost to needy people, educational institutions to promote higher learning and achieving sustainability.

Prime Activities:


We grants in the field of education follow a focused approach in the following areas:

Reforming elementary education.
Nurturing education as a discipline.
Alternative education.
Higher education.


We focuses its efforts in the following areas:
Rural health programmers
Health training and capacity building

Enhancing civil society and governance:

We grants are based on the three sub-themes of:
Citizenship and participation
Human rights and governance
Governance in civil society



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